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Music Production & Post-Production: Welcome

From a deep-rooted passion for music, I have discovered a profound love for music production. Beginning my journey as a session musician, I gradually found my path leading me towards the realm of production, ultimately culminating in the attainment of a Masters degree in Music Engineering and Production.

The process of crafting musical recordings and projects has become my true calling, and I derive immense joy from collaborating with fellow artists and musicians. Whether it involves creating sound effects, recording Foley, or editing music and sound into various mediums such as movies, games, and animations, I relish every opportunity to bring audio to life.

With a meticulous approach to audio editing, mixing, and adjusting levels, I strive to consistently achieve the desired quality, often employing effects and plugins to enhance the sonic experience.

Guided by the power of Logic Pro X, my audio workstation of choice, I am dedicated to producing exceptional music and soundscapes that captivate and inspire.

Music Production & Post-Production: About


At the Studio


Responsible for guiding the entire process of creating a musical recording or project. Working closely with artists and musicians to develop the artistic vision, select and arrange songs, shape the sound, and ensure a high-quality final product.


Creating and manipulating audio elements to enhance the sonic experience of various media forms - films, video games and more.
Conceptualising sound, creating sound effects, recording Foley, editing dialogues and integrating music.


Refining and enhancing recorded sound and achieving the desired quality and final product. Audio editing, mixing, and mastering. Such as removing imperfections, adjusting levels, applying effects, and ensuring overall clarity, balance, and coherence. Also synchronizing audio with visuals in film, television, or multimedia projects.

Music Production & Post-Production: Services


Music Production & Post-Production: Text

Intro for a Dance Movie called "The Golden Feather"

I had the chance to create a musical composition and design captivating sounds for a brief animated video introduction for an upcoming dance film titled "The Golden Feather." This project has been a significant focus of my recent work, allowing me to channel my skills as a dedicated music producer, composer and sound designer.

Music Production & Post-Production: Video

"The girl and the ghost"  by Kornelia Urbaniak

I had the opportunity to contribute to the project by creating sound design and handling the post-production work for this adorable animation made by talented animator Kornelia Urbaniak.

Music Production & Post-Production: Video

"Kraska Vesmiru"  by Anthracit

I had the opportunity to collaborate with a Czech rock band called Anthracit and record a song in one of the university's studios as part of an assignment. I played multiple roles during this project, serving as a sound engineer, music producer, and even taking on the role of a vocalist.

Music Production & Post-Production: Video

Music Production showreel of 'The Golden Feather' movie

Discover my showreel for an upcoming dance movie where I've brought music and sound to life as a producer, sound designer, and composer. My aim is to make you experience the dance's energy through the crafted sounds and compositions that amplify every move, creating an immersive and unforgettable movie experience. 

Music Production & Post-Production: Video
Music Production & Post-Production: Contact


Thanks for getting in touch with me!

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