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Composing Music


"Songwriting is the art of turning emotions and experiences into melodies and lyrics, while composing is the craft of arranging those elements into a harmonious masterpiece that transcends time and touches souls."

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As a classically trained musician, I have acquired extensive knowledge of music theory and history. My passion for music is rooted in my love for scoring and reading music, and over the years, I have developed a passion for re-creating and re-arranging existing music, as well as composing my own original pieces and collaborating with fellow songwriters.

I am the head of the music department for "ElectronicGypsy", a project where I compose and digitally recreate music with Jonathan Stevens by my side. We are particularly proud of our current work on Vivaldi's Four Seasons, which has been a highlight of our career.

In addition to my work with "ElectronicGypsy", I have a catalog of recreated covers with accompanying music videos, which can be found on the "Videos" page. I have also collaborated with several local artists on their albums and projects.

I am currently in the process of creating my own album, which promises to be a reflection of my passion for music and my dedication to the craft.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting new project!

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Composer & Songwriter: Music Player
Composer & Songwriter: Music Player

Trailer for a dance movie called "The Golden Feather"

I am thrilled to share the trailer for 'The Golden Feather,' a dance movie. As the head of the music department for the project called "Electronicgypsy", with assistance from Jonathan Stevens, I had the pleasure of composing and sound designing the music specifically for this trailer.

Composer & Songwriter: Video
Composer & Songwriter: Video

Digital recreation of Vivaldi's Four Season

Here is a short showreel of the process of digitally recreating Vivaldi's Four Season.

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