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Collaboration has always been one of my passions. From my earliest memories of playing duets on the piano, to singing in a choir and joining an orchestra and local bands, I've always loved working with others.
Today, I continue to collaborate with people from a diverse range of creative fields, such as film, animation, or music. Here are some of the talented individuals I've had the privilege to work with.

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Czech Singer / Songwriter

Teri, my most cherished collaborator, is an exceptionally gifted singer and songwriter from Prague, currently residing in the UK, just like me. Our paths crossed five years ago at university while pursuing our music studies, and since then, music has become the bond that unites us. Together, we embark on the journey of crafting new original compositions and reimagining captivating covers. Our creative synergy was showcased at Immersed! Fest 2021,where we captivated audiences with an innovative and imaginative set that was expertly filmed and recorded. Additionally, we take pride in our original song titled "Relax" and are eagerly working on expanding our repertoire.

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DJ / Music Producer

Incredible music producer and DJ known as Pico Boulevard, whose real name is Jonathan Stevens.
Our paths crossed during our Masters degree in Music Engineering and Production, and from that moment on, we have shared countless hours immersed in the world of mixing and recording music within various studios. More recently, Pico Boulevard has become an invaluable collaborator and my right-hand companion in our production company, Electronicgypsy. Together, we embark on ambitious projects, such as digitally recreating Vivaldi's Four Seasons and composing original music that showcases our collective creativity. Over the past two years, Jonathan has played a pivotal role in my musical journey, imparting invaluable knowledge and teaching me countless lessons. I am deeply grateful for his contribution and the immense growth I have experienced alongside him.

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Film Production Company

At Electronicgypsy, we're proud to collaborate with a diverse group of talented artists including Ian Woolley, Pico Boulevard, Madeline Vaughton, and many others. Together, we form an enthusiastic team, each contributing a distinctive element to our projects from our unique production perspectives. Our expertise spans various creative disciplines, encompassing filmmaking, dancing, choreography, music creation, mixing, animation, sound design, and more. Currently, our flagship project is 'The Golden Feather,' an exciting dance movie.
Be sure to check out the trailer!

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Czech Rock Band

I had an incredible experience collaborating with Anthracit Band for one of my final projects during my Master's degree. I invited my dad's band to come to Wales, where we recorded a song together in one of our university studios. Over the weekend, we captured each instrument meticulously, with the invaluable guidance of Stuart Jones, my course leader. It was a fulfilling role as a music producer, music engineer, and even as a singer.
Check out this captivating video showcasing the highlights of this remarkable experience.

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EN / The Youth Brass Band of the Music School Jeseník
CZ / Dechový orchestr mladých ZUŠ Jeseník

At the age of 14, during my time at the musical school in my hometown of Jesenik, I became a part of a local brass orchestra. From the very beginning, these incredible individuals embraced me as part of their musical family. Together, we embarked on numerous adventures, traveling across the globe to participate in competitions held in China, Spain, Greece, Italy, and more. This orchestra holds a special place in my heart, not only because of the invaluable performance experience, intense competition, and harmonious collaboration it provided, but also because it ignited a profound love for orchestral music in my life. Joining this orchestra served as a wellspring of inspiration, driving me to continuously improve and grow as a musician. Beyond the music itself, I discovered genuine friendships within this ensemble, forging connections that endure to this day.
Although I have since relocated to another country and no longer participate in the orchestra's weekly rehearsals, I remain deeply committed to supporting their endeavours. I make it a priority to attend concerts and competitions around the world, remaining closely connected to the orchestra that holds such a significant role in my life.

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Aniation by Kornelia Urbaniak

I had the pleasure of working alongside the exceptionally talented animator, Kornelia Urbaniak, whom I met a few years ago. Recently, Kornelia successfully completed her bachelor's degree, and I had the privilege of collaborating with her on her final project. In this delightful animation, which revolves around the story of a girl and a ghost, I had the opportunity to contribute to the project by creating sound design and handling the post-production work. I invite you to take a moment to experience this charming creation.

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Throughout my journey, I have had the privilege of collaborating with numerous exceptional artists and ensembles. Among them are Martin Danchev, Su San, William Ax, Mari Mathias, and many other talented individuals.

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